Frequently Asked Questions

September 28th, 2010

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive at Healing Arts Urgent Care:

Q: If I am unable to reach my physician in an emergency can I be seen at Healing Arts Urgent Care?

A: We can handle most minor injuries and acute illnesses at Healing Arts Urgent Care, when your physician is unavailable and the problem does not require the emergency room.

Q: What facilities do you have at Healing Arts Urgent Care?

A: The clinic is equipped with X-Ray facilities, minor laboratory capabilities, a surgical suite for laceration repairs, a gynecological exam room and multiple exam and treatment rooms.

Q: I am from out of town. Can I come to Healing Arts Urgent Care?

A: We evaluate and treat many vacationers and part time residents throughout the year. We try to fill in the gap in their medical care and coordinate with their primary care physicians.

Q: What if my problem is serious?

A: Being on the campus of Flagler Hospital, Healing Arts Urgent Care has the support of the Flagler Emergency Department just a few hundred yards from our door. Serious conditions are referred to the ER when necessary.

Q: Do I need an appointment?

A: Healing Arts Urgent Care is designed as a Walk In Urgent Care Clinic. This means that no appointment is necessary to be seen. For follow up of injuries and other illnesses that need further attention a limited number of appointments are available.

Q: What kind of follow up can I expect after being seen at Healing Arts Urgent Care?

A: Follow up care is individualized to a patient’s situation. Where possible they will be seen by their physician. If this course is not available, follow up will be handled in our office or with an appropriate referral to a specialist.